MARYVILLE, Tenn. (Jun 2) B.J. Hillman’s, who has been with Blount Motorsports for nine years, last race with the team was the Southern Nationals Bonus race on Memorial Day. Hillman was the first full time employee of the East Tennessee Late Model team.

After forming Blount Motorsports in 2006 Larry Garner, Steve Garner and Tommy Kerr spent a year getting their feet wet and after winning the track championship at Smoky Mountain Speedway they decided to start traveling more and hired Hillman to crew the cars.

“Nine years ago when they (Blount Motorsports) decided to step it up a notch and do more traveling they hired me to work full time on the race operations,” said B.J. “Tommy, who was working full time at Blount Excavating, did the driving and I worked on the cars.”

In his nine year tenure the team has had three drivers, Tommy who is now driving part time, Billy Ogle Jr. and current driver Donald McIntosh. The team has won five championships with Tommy winning the Southern Nationals Championship in 2009, Billy winning the SAS Championship in 2011 and Spring Nationals in 2014 and Donald the Spring Nationals Championship in 2015 and 2016.”

When asked what were the top three accomplishment of the team in his nine years, Hillman replied; “Tommy when he won the Southern Nationals, Billy when he won the Lucas race beating Blomquist at Volunteer and watching Donald turn into a race car driver.”

B.J., who has been involved and working in racing since he was 16, has four daughters at home and they are growing up fast. As much as B.J. loves racing he realized that working all week and spending most weekends at race tracks was taking away a lot of time he needed to be spending with his family.

“You see your daughters growing up and you are not a part of it and that starts you thinking. I love to race, but there are some things that are more important.” said Hillman. “They needed Dad to be around more and so did Dad.”

If B.J gets the itch he has an open invitation to come to Smoky Mountain when BMS is running two cars or if Tommy is racing one track and Macintosh another he could go with Tommy.

“I did just about the same thing four years ago,” said Kerr. “If you want to be part of your family you have to get off the road and I am glad I did. The last time I raced Donald and the hauler were in Georgia and I went to Smoky Mountain with and open trailer and my tools in a cardboard box. Had a ball and B.J. is welcome any time.”

The Blount Motorsports team didn’t want to see B.J go, but in the same breath they understand why he had to leave.

“You hate to see someone that you have worked with and depended on for five years to leave, but I understand completely,” said David, who started at Blount Motorsports in October of 2010. “B.J. did a great job here and he will be missed.”

“B.J. has been with the team for nine years and has been a big part of a lot of wins and five championship,” said Larry Garner. “We all wish him the best and look forward to seeing him when he comes to the track.”

Blount Motorsports enjoys sponsorship from Stowers (CAT) Machinery Corp., Arnold Trucking, Blount Excavating, Cherokee Millwright, Food City, Massey Electric, Tennessee RV, Turner Hydraulics, VP Race Fuels and Wine and Spirits Cellar.

BMS races Rocket XR1 Chassis with power from Vic Hill Racing Engines, with Dyer’s Top Rods, Storie Manifolds, Driven Racing Oil and VP Race Fuels. Drive train components are from Quarter Master, the shocks are Öhlins, chassis and suspension components from TWM, OMG, and PPM with springs from Hyperco. Noses and body parts are from Five Star Stock Car Bodies and tires are from Hoosier Tire South and Hoosier Performance Tires.

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