MARYVILLE, Tenn. (Jan. 25) Short track Dirt Late Model Racing has its ups and downs, but in 2020 Blount Motorsports seemed to have more than its share. Maybe it was the virus-related race cancellations, maybe it was something missed, but no matter what the reason it was a frustrating season for the Blount Motorsports Team.

“Strange year for sure. We went to one race and figured we would make maybe three laps if we were lucky and we won it. We went to another race and had a really good race car only to make three laps,” said David who has been racing longer than he wants to admit. “We had one short stint there when we ran well for four or five consecutive races, but the rest of the season it was up and down, up and down.”

Since its beginning in 2006 Blount Motorsports has won at least one championship and in a number of years more than one and this year was no exception.

“We’ve had good years and we have had not so good years since we started in 2006, but they have all been winning years,” said Larry. “Last year was a strange year and we never really got into a groove. When you get behind you have a tendency to overcompensate and we went in the wrong direction. Toward the end of the year, we started to get back on track.”

The inconsistency bothered both drivers, Donald and Tommy too.

“2020 was really frustrating with all the ups and downs. We never really got into a rhythm and it showed,” said Donald. “What we need is consistency and that is what we are working toward. Going into the new season I want to win 20 races, but the reality is I want to be up front where we have a chance to win and the wins will come.”

“It is really hard to compare my under 10 race season with Donald and David’s 50 race schedule. I don’t have the pressure they do. So my year wasn’t as frustrating, but it was the first year I didn’t win a race,” said Tommy.

 Blount Motorsports enjoys sponsorship from Stowers (CAT) Machinery Corp., Blount Excavating, Massey Electric, Turner Hydraulics, Ole Ben Franklin Motors, Walker’s Truck Contractors, and The Wine and Spirits Cellar.

BMS races Rocket XR1 Chassis. Power is provided by Vic Hill Racing Engines with Dyer’s Top Rods, Driven Racing Oil, Waterman Fuel Pumps, VP Race Fuels and starting power from Go Lithium batteries. Gauges and wiring harnesses from QuickCar. Carbon Fiber drive shafts from Fastshafts. The shocks are Penske Racing Shocks with chassis and suspension components from TWM, Brakes from Wilwood and springs from Hyperco. Tires are Hoosier Performance Tires from Hoosier Tires South.