Tommy and the BMS team were looking at three Advance Thunder races in a row over the Labor Day Weekend. The first at Wartburg was rained out and it became two in a row.

At Tazewell on Sunday night Tommy had what he calls a bout of driver stupidity (we can’t say what he really called it) that resulted in a fifth place finish.

“We had a good car. A car that should have finished better than it did, but the driver had brain fade,” said Tommy. “I was running low and everyone else was running high and high was better. By the time the driver figured it all out and moved up we were out of laps.”

At Mountain Raceway Park on Saturday night he was caught up, as was at least half of the starting field, in a first lap crash. The car was hit so hard the interior sheet metal buckled in places.

“It was one of those if you don’t stop you run over somebody and if you do stop somebody runs over you deals,” grimaced Tommy. “As we didn’t have a full lap in I took off to get the back up car out.”

By going to the backup car he had to start in the rear, as did defending Thunder Series Champion Anthony White. The two hooked up and came through the field with White taking the win and Tommy running second.

When the smoke had cleared Tommy still leads the series point battle by a very small margin.

The second severely bent race cars in the last couple of weeks curtailed the team’s plans of going to Eldora for their first shot at the World 100. Instead of going up to Eldora and trying to make the World 100 they have decided to go up and watch.

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