MARYVILLE, Ten. (Aug. 7) For Tommy and the Blount Motorsports Team it was a long trip to Bluegrass Speedway in Kentucky and after a rocky outing it was even a longer trip home.

It was the first trip to Bluegrass Speedway for Kerr and Blount Motorsports team. When the checkered flag had waved and the dust had settled on a 17th place finish, everyone agreed that it might not have been their worst night at a track, but it ranked right down there in the bottom five.

“Basically we just could not get the car dialed in,” said Tommy who still leads the Advance Thunder championship point race. “We didn’t qualify well and didn’t run well in the race. The only good thing about tonight was we didn’t need two wreckers to load the car.”

If not having the handle on the track was not enough aggravation a flat tire around the halfway mark put them in the rear.

“We looked and were terrible tonight and there is no way to get around it,” said team owner Larry Garner. “The flat tire just added injury to insult. Its Dog Days and the dog bit us.”

Garner went on to say that the last two less than stellar outings had a positive affect on the team and in the long run would prove to be a good thing.

“Everyone is so busy at work and the heat has taken its toll. We needed some motivation to get things back on track and that is what these last two races have provided, motivation,” Larry concluded .

Plans for this weekend call for the team to race at North Georgia on Friday night and head for a track to be named later on Saturday night.

Blount Motorsports enjoys sponsorship from Blount Excavating, Stowers Machinery Corp., Kelso, Realty III, Turner Industrial Supply, GEOServices, Cast Stone, Wine and Spirits Cellar, Insurance Partners, and Murphy’s Bobcat. Tommy races a GRT and or a Rayburn race car with Öhlins Shocks from SHY Suspension and power from Custom Race Engines. For more information on Tommy Kerr Racing and the Blount Motorsports Team go to