MARYVILLE, Tenn. (Oct. 20) After 15 years of competing and winning in Super Dirt Late Model Racing Blount Motorsports LLC made the decision to shut down the team and pursue other endeavors.

A combination of the direction Super Dirt Late Model Racing has gone, the cost in time, effort, and the money it takes to field a competitive team to race on a regional level has gotten way out of their comfort level.

“We, my son Steve, Tommy Kerr and I started the team 15 years ago racing Saturday nights at Smoky Mountain. We won the track championship that first year and then started racing more on a regional level,” said Larry Garner. “Back then you could field a competitive team without breaking the bank and were able to race with the traveling circuits when they came to town without a lot of extra expense.  We made most of those races and even won a couple of them.

Today you can’t compete with the teams on that level unless you are willing to do and spend a lot more than we are comfortable spending. It has always been a business, but today it has become a big business.”

Since starting the BMS Team in 2006 they have won at least one championship in each of the 15 years. Drivers have included Tommy Kerr, Billy Ogle, Casey Roberts, and Donald McIntosh. The sponsors, Blount Excavating, Stowers Cat, Massey Electric, Old Ben Franklin Motors, Wine and Spirits Cellar and the contingency sponsors have all been steadfast with their support.

“Over the years we had some of the best drivers, crew chiefs and crew members. Combine them with great sponsors, great fans, and a lot of hard work and that’s why we have been successful over the 15- year run. We met a lot of good people and had a great time, but it is time to move on,” concluded Garner.

The BMS Super Late Model team is being liquidated. Totter home, trailer, cars, engines and everything racing related is for sale. For a list of what is available email Larry Garner or call David Bryant 865- 696-7129