MARYVILLE, Tenn. (Aug. 3) Reigning Spring Nationals Champion, Donald McIntosh and Blount Motorsports were not happy with a fifth place finish in this years Southern Nationals point race, but considering all the different problems they had including the weather, fifth wasn’t really all that bad.

When the team was ready to head to Wythe Raceway for the opening event the hauler wouldn’t start. Two batteries and a starter later they were on their way. At Wythe the rear end cover came loose and ended the night as McIntosh was challenging for the lead.

“The Southern Nationals are a tough deal to begin with and when you start out the way we did we knew it was going to be a long hard row to hoe,” said David Bryant. “We got everything back together after Wythe and with the fourth at 411 we thought we had things back on track.”

At the Swainsboro event an afternoon thunderstorm made for a rough track. Donald was leading the race when he was taken out on a restart.

“Swainsboro was a killer in more ways than one, but we were able to come back from it and seemed to be OK and then the rear end messed up again at Crossville,” continued Bryant. “With all the problems we were having and without B.J. they were just that much harder to fix and get back going again.”

The combination of the heat, the travel and nine races in a row wore the team down and there was a sigh of relief when checkered flag waved at the final race at Tazewell.

“Looking back at the whole deal we would have been better off to stay home. With that said even if we had known a bunch of this stuff was going to happen we would have gone anyway. We would have gone anyway, because that’s racing and that is what we do. Besides we know that if a couple things had been different and gone our way there could have been a lot different outcome,” concluded Bryant.

Blount Motorsports will take a couple weeks off to repair and regroup before getting back out there for the remainder of the season.

Blount Motorsports enjoys sponsorship from Stowers (CAT) Machinery Corp., Arnold Trucking, Blount Excavating, Cherokee Millwright, Food City, Massey Electric, Tennessee RV, Turner Hydraulics, VP Race Fuels and Wine and Spirits Cellar.

BMS races Rocket XR1 Chassis with power from Vic Hill Racing Engines, with Dyer’s Top Rods, Storie Manifolds, Driven Racing Oil and VP Race Fuels. Drive train components are from Quarter Master, the shocks are Öhlins, chassis and suspension components from TWM, OMG, and PPM with springs from Hyperco. Noses and body parts are from Five Star Stock Car Bodies and tires are from Hoosier Tire South and Hoosier Performance Tires.