MARYVILLE, Tenn. (Mar. 26) Any weekend where it doesn’t take two wreckers to load you car is a good weekend and if you win it is a great weekend. After making the race by winning the second B-Main Tommy Kerr and the BMS team started 18th and finished 13th. They didn’t need any help loading their car after the Spring Thaw at Volunteer Speedway, so it was a good race.

“We are really getting a grip on the new car,” said Kerr who is adjusting to a new Rocket chassis. “Things with the new Rocket are coming along nicely and we are in a good position to start the season. All we need is weather.”

With all the rain and cold raising havoc with the early season racing schedule Kerr and the team have not been able to determine exactly what they will do this season.

“We are still trying to see exactly what direction we will go this year,” said team owner Larry Garner. “We know that we want to run the Lucas and WOO type shows when they are in the area, but that is about as far as we have gotten so far.”

For this weekend Kerr and the team plans to race the Southern All Star event at North Georgia Speedway on Friday and on Saturday most likely go to Tazewell for the Advance Thunder event. Again a lot depends on the weather.

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Blount Motorsports enjoys sponsorship from Blount Excavating, Stowers Machinery Corp., Kelso, Turner Industrial Supply, GEOServices, Cast Stone, Wine and Spirits Cellar, Insurance Partners, Explosive Specialists and Murphy’s Bobcat.

Tommy races a GW Performance Rocket and or a Rayburn race car, power from Custom Race Engines, Öhlins Shocks from SHY Suspension, chassis and suspension components from TWM and seats from Butlerbilt.

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