MARYVILLE, Tenn. (Aug. 27) Racing part time Tommy has been winning at least one feature a year for a lot of years. He picked up his annual win the other night at Smoky Mountain Speedway when he took the checkered flag in the first feature of Ray Cooks new Fall Nationals Series.

“Had a good car, a good race track and everything fell into place,” said the Rockford Tennessee racer. “If I hadn’t messed up qualifying we would have had a clean sweep. I hardly broke a sweat the car was that good. Unlike the car in that Iron-Man race back in April.”

If you are familiar with racing you know these kinds of nights are the exception and not the rule. In April Tommy had a decent run going when the tires went away it was all he could do to hang on. He dropped back a number of places as the laps wore down and he ended up seventh.

“Kerr was looking pretty good until he ran out of cheeseburgers. He (Kerr) said it was the tires going away, but it was actually the driver going away,” Was just part of David’s comments after the race.

“Yeah David was giving me a hard time about being over weight and out of shape,” said Kerr who allows that people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. “He, Erik and the big boss are on me all the time. Today I had lunch at the shop and they were getting on me about eating desert.”

Tommy and David have known each other a long time and the back and forth bantering started way back when.

Another instance of Tommy and David getting after it happened when Tommy was in his teens working for Papa, J.T. Kerr. He had one of those little 4-cylinder pickup trucks and on the way back from a race at Bulls gap one night on I-81 the little truck started going faster and faster.

“David was working with Scott Sexton and I had seen and talked to them at the race. I left a little before them and I’m cruising down I-81 when all of a sudden I started going faster and faster,” laughed Kerr. “I looked real close in the rear view and David and Scott had come up behind me with their lights off and was pushing me down the highway. I threw the truck in neutral and that little truck went faster than it ever had.”

Back to the Cheeseburgers.

After running out of gas in the April race Tommy thought about getting back to the gym, doing a little jogging and getting back into some kind of shape. Those thoughts lasted until breakfast the next morning.

“After thinking about getting in shape I realized that the car was so bad in the April race it really didn’t make any difference what kind of shape I was in. Now if the car would have been as good as it was when we won …..” said Tommy. “Pass me a piece of that pie.”