MARYVILLE, Tenn. (June 18) Donald, Tommy and the Blount Motorsports Team got behind Saturday at the Smoky Mountain Speedway Lucas Oil Series event and were never able to catch up.

Donald qualified seventh in the first group, started and finished fourth in the first heat. He started 13th finished 14th in the feature. Tommy qualified 14th in the second group, started seventh in the fourth heat and finished fifth. He started on the outside front row on the second B-main and finished fourth. He did not make the starting field for the feature.

“We weren’t good, but we weren’t terrible either. We had a miss that we think was the MSD box during qualifying and we got behind chasing it. It is always hard to catch up but with a group of cars like this one it is almost impossible to catch up,” said David. “Right now we are a hit or miss race team and just because some of the misses are not of our doing it is still frustrating.”

“We had a good piece and if it hadn’t been for the engine missing in qualifying things could have been a lot different. We found the miss, but the time it took to do that is the time we needed to get the car ready for the feature,” said Donald. “Like David said when you get behind at any race it’s not good, but at a bigger race like this it really hurts.”

“Not making the race was nobodies fault, but my own,” said Tommy who races a limited schedule. “If the driver had been paying attention we would have made the race. Bad night, but at least we didn’t tear anything up.”

Donald will be racing his car this weekend in the SAS race at Senoia Raceway. The following weekend Donald and BMS will be at either Crossville or Tazewell on Friday night and with Tommy at Smoky Mountain on Saturday night.

Blount Motorsports enjoys sponsorship from Stowers (CAT) Machinery Corp., Blount Excavating, Massey Electric, Turner Hydraulics, Ole Ben Franklin Motors, Walker’s Truck Contractors, Food City, and The Wine and Spirits Cellar.

BMS races Rocket XR1 Chassis. Power is provided by Vic Hill Racing Engines with Dyer’s Top Rods, Driven Racing Oil, Waterman Fuel Pumps, VP Race Fuels and starting power from Go Lithium batteries. Gauges and wiring harnesses from QuickCar. Drive train components are from Quarter Master with Carbon Fiber drive shafts from Fastshafts. The shocks are Penske Racing Shocks with chassis and suspension components from TWM and springs from Hyperco. Noses and body parts are from Five Star Stock Car Bodies and tires are Hoosier Performance Tires from Hoosier Tires South.