Maryville, Tenn. (May 10) Billy and the Blount Motorsports team continue to have strong runs, but are coming up just a little bit short. For the WoO race at Tazewell they qualified fifth and ran fifth racing against a strong field of cars and a locked down race track. In the Ultimate race at Volunteer they were second quick and dominated the field for the first nine laps when a transmission yoke turned them into spectators.

“Talk about a great race car. We had one tonight,” said Billy after the mechanical problems at Volunteer. “I know you never know, but we had everyone covered Saturday night. David (Bryant) and B.J. (Hillman) are doing a great job on the car and everything is really working well. We are doing everything right but haven’t gotten that first win of the season yet.”

“We had them covered,” said Larry Garner. “The car was on in a league of it’s own. That transmission yoke that broke cost us $5,000 plain and simple.”

Although there was no big check and or victory lane celebration the way the car is running has the BMS team looking forward to this weekends Southern All Star race at Cleveland Speedway and the rest of the season.

“It is disappointing when something breaks and knocks you out of a race especially when the car was as good as it was on Saturday night,” David said. “But in the same breath having everything come together this early in the season bodes well for the rest of the season.”