2016-01-01 Hangover 40411 Mtr. Speedway, Seymour, TNDonald 1st
2016-01-10 Ice Bowl 2016Talladega Short Trk, Eastaboga, ALDonald 2nd
2016-01-30 Cabin Fever 40Donald 1st
2016-02-04 Lucas Oil Super Bowl of RacingGolden Isles Speedway, Waynesville, GARAIN - Rescheduled for Saturday
2016-02-05 Lucas Oil Super Bowl of RacingGolden Isles Speedway, Waynesville, GADonald 22nd
2016-02-06 Lucas Oil Super Bowl of Racing Friday Make UpGolden Isles Speedway, Waynesville, GADonald 15th
2016-02-20 WinterFest, $3,000 UnsanctionedDonald 23rd, Ignition Problems
2016-02-27 Frost Buster 50, So Natls Bonus Race411 Motor Speedway, Seymour, TNDonald 2nd
2016-03-05 Ultimate $4,000 to WinNorth Georgia Speedway, Chatsworth, GADonald 3rd
2016-03-12 Spring Nationals, $15,000 to Win Tip Off ClassicSmoky Mountain Speedway, Maryville, TNDonald 9th, Tommy 18th
2016-03-19 Southern Nationals Bonus RaceBoyd's Speedway, Ringgold, GADonald 2nd
2016-03-25 Spring Nationals, $4,000 to WinSenoia Raceway, Senoia ,GADonald 10th
2016-03-26 Spring Nationals, $6,000 to WinSenoia Raceway, Senoia, GARAIN
2016-04-01 Lucas OilBoyd's Speedway, Ringgold, GADonald 13th
2016-04-02 Ultimate $5,000 to WinSmoky Mountain Speedway, Maryville, TNDonald 1st, Tommy 2nd
2016-04-09 WoO $10,000 to WinTazewell Speedway, Tazewell, TNToo Cold Cancelled
2016-04-15 Spring Nationals, $4,000 to WinVolunteer Speedway, Bulls Gap, TNDonald 4th
2016-04-16 Spring Nationals, $10,000 to WinVolunteer Speedway, Bulls Gap, TNDonald 5th
2016-04-22 Unsanctioned $3,000 to WinTi-County Race Track, Brasstown, NCRAIN
2016-04-23 Spring NationalsSenoia Raceway, Senoia, GADonald 5th
2016-04-23 SAS WIMZ Rockin with the StarsSmoky Mountain Speedway, Maryville, TNTommy 5th
2016-04-29 Spring Nationals, $4,000 to WinPonderosa Speedway, Junction City, KYDonald 4th
2016-04-30 Spring Nationals, $5,000 to WinFlorence Speedway, Union, KYRAIN
2016-05-06 Unsanctioned $3,000 to WinTri-County Race Track, Brasstown, NCTBD
2016-05-07 WoO Mountain Outlaw 50Smoky Mountain Speedway, Maryville, TNDonald 6th, Tommy DNS
2016-05-21 Southern All StarsVolunteer Speedway, Bulls Gap, TNPostponed Weather
2016-05-21 SoNat'ls Bonus RaceCrossville Raceway, Crossville, TNDonald 1st
2016-05-27 Spring Nationals, $4,000 to WinBoyd's Speedway, Ringgold, GADonald 2nd
2016-05-28 Spring Nationals, $4,000 to WinDixie Speedway, Woodstock, GADonald 10th
2016-05-29 Spring Nationals, $6,000 to WinRome Speedway, Rome, GADonald 9th
2016-05-30 Southern Nationals Bonus Race Memorial BashTi-County Race TrackDonald 8th
2016-06-03 Lucas OilTazewell Speedway, Tazewell, TNDonald 10th
2016-06-11 Carolina Clash 4k to WinVolunteer Speedway, Bulls Gap, TNDonald 20th, Mechanical While Leading
2016-06-18 Ultimate Big Daddy 500Smoky Mountain Speedway, Maryville, TNDonald 1st, Tommy 4th
2016-06-25 Southern Nationals Bonus Race, 10k to WinRichmond Raceway, Richmond, KYDonald 3rd
2016-07-09 Lucas Oil Moonshine Mountain ClassicSmoky Mountain Speedway, Maryville, TNDonald 9th Tommy DNS
2016-07-16 Southern NationalsWythe Raceway, Rural Retreat, VADonald 21st
2016-07-19 Southern Nationals411 Motor Speedway, Seymour, TNDonald Fourth
2016-07-21 Southern NationalsTi-County Race Track, Brasstown, NCDonald 7th
2016-07-22 Southern NationalsSwainsboro Raceway, Swainsboro, GADonald 8th
2016-07-23 Southern NationalsScreven Motor Speedway, Sylvania, GADonald 12th
2016-07-24 Southern NationalsRome Speedway, Rome, GADonald 5th
2016-07-26 Southern NationalsBoyd's Speedway, Ringgold, GADonald 8th
2016-07-28 Southern NationalsCrossville Speedway, Crossville, TNDonald 14th
2016-07-29 Southern NationalsSmoky Mountain Speedway, Maryville, TNRAIN
2016-07-30 Southern NationalsTazewell Speedway, Tazewell, TNDonald 6th
2016-08-18 Ultimate/UBoB 12k to WinVolunteer Speedway, Bulls Gap, TNDonald 4th
2016-08-20 SNBS Butterball Wooldridge MemorialRichmond Raceway, Richmond, KYRAIN
2016-08-27 Southern Nationals Bonus RaceSmoky Mountain Speedway, Maryville, TNDonald 2nd, Tommy 18th
2016-09-02 Blue Collar Nationals Unsanc. $2,500 to WinCrossville Speedway, Crossville TNDonald 4th
2016-09-04 SNBS Buddy Rogers MemorialTazewell Speedway, Tazewell TNDonald 4th
2016-09-17 Southern All Star Series, $5,000 to WinSmoky Mountain Speedway - Maryville, TNooDonald 3rd, Tommy 6th
2016-09-30 SNBS 13th Annual Tarheel 50Ti-County Race Track, Brasstown, NCDonald 10th
2016-10-01 Lucas Oil Dixie ShootoutDixie Speedway, Woodstock, GADonald 15th
2016-10-02 Lucas Oil Rome ShowdownRome Speedway, Rome, GADonald 15th
2016-10-08 SNBS Tennessee State ChampionshipCrossville Speedway, Crossville, TNDonald 1st
2016-10-15 SNBS, Deep Fried 75Duck River Raceway Park, Wheel, TNDonald 8th
2016-11-04 Junebug Rowland MemorialPonderosa Speedway, Junction City, KYDonald 17th
2016-11-05 SNBS, 26th Annual Fall ClassicPonderosa Speedway, Junction City, KYDonald Fourth
2016-11-12 SNBS Inaugural Showdown at SenoiaSenoia Raceway, Senoia, GADonald 11th
2016-11-19 SNBS Gobbler 10K to WinBoyd's Speedway, Ringgold, GADonald 3rd
2016-11-26 "The Leftover" 5K Unsanctioned411 Motor Speedway, Seymour, TNDonald 3rd
2016-12-09 Performance Racing Industry ShowIndianapolis, INTBD
2016-12-31 Seventh Annual Hangover411 Motor Speedway, Seymour, TNDonald 18th Broken Axle