Car Information:


Chassis: Two Rocket X1R Chassis – One Rocket Blue Front End Chassis

Engine: Vic Hill Racing Engines –  Four (4) all aluminum Chevrolet engines – Two 460 cu in., One 430 cu in. and One 434 cu in.

Connecting Rods: Dyer’s Top Rods

Hoses and Fittings: Fragola

Manifold: Storie Manifolds

Carburetor: Braswell

Batteries: Go Lithium

Drive Shafts – Carbon Fiber from Fast Shafts

Bell Housing, Starters: Quartermaster

Oil: Driven Racing Oil

Shocks: Penske Racing Shocks

Rear End: Winters Performance

Axles and Drive Plates: – Strange Oval

Brakes: Wilwood

Noses, Body Parts and Pieces: Five Star Stock Car Bodies

Springs: Hyperco

Fuel: VP Racing Fuel

Tires: Hoosier, Hoosier Racing Tire South