MARYVILLE, Tenn. (Jun. 2) In order to catch Spring Nationals’ point leader Dale McDowell everything had to go right for McIntosh and McDowell had to stumble a bit. Neither happened and McIntosh and BMS came up 26 points short and second in the championship points.

Both McIntosh and crew chief David Bryant have spent most of the spring trying to figure out the new car without any appreciable success. After the three race Memorial Weekend they are still shaking their heads.

“I am not sure what else we can do that we haven’t already done to the car,” said McIntosh. “One lap it feels and handles like a good race car and on the next lap it feels and handles like a dump truck.

We have thrown everything we can at it going back seven years for information and set ups  and it just doesn’t respond to anything. One lap its good and one lap its not. Plain and simple the car is lost.”

David Bryant, who has been wrenching on Dirt Late Models for a long time, is equally, if not more frustrated by the car.

“We have one more thing we are going to try this weekend and see it that will make the car work and if it doesn’t work, I have no idea what to do after that,” said Bryant. “I have been doing this for a long time and I have never had this much problem getting a handle on a race car.

I know the technology on these cars has really accelerated, but when you make changes the car should change even if it is not for the better. This one doesn’t.”

Hopefully the mystery and frustration will end this weekend as the team heads for two iron-Man South events, Wartburg on Friday Night and I-75 on Saturday night.

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BMS races Rocket XR1 Chassis. Power is provided by Vic Hill Racing Engines with Dyer’s Top Rods, Driven Racing Oil, Waterman Fuel Pumps, VP Race Fuels and starting power from Go Lithium batteries. Gauges and wiring harnesses from QuickCar. Carbon Fiber drive shafts from Fastshafts. The shocks are Penske Racing Shocks with chassis and suspension components from TWM, Brakes from Wilwood and springs from Hyperco. Tires are Hoosier Performance Tires from Hoosier Tires South.

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