MARYVILLE, Tenn. (April 29) Tommy Kerr and the Blount Motorsports team had a fast car for the Advance Thunder race at Wartburg Speedway Saturday night but thanks to a questionable call by the series race director everything was for naught.

Tommy and the team qualified fourth and finished second in the fast dash for an outside front row starting position. The first time the green fell Tommy took the lead from pole sitter Steve Smith only to have a caution come out. On the second start Tommy again took the lead and he and Smith set sail. Eight laps into the event both were running one and two had to stop for a lapped car that was crossed up. The race director determined that Kerr and Smith had caused the caution and put the leader and second place car in the rear.

Tommy fought his way back to mid pack before being involved in another altercation and they parked the car. They were 18th on the final rundown.

“I am totally disgusted and I really don’t have anything to say,” said Tommy.

“We had a really fast race car and were penalized, as was Steve Smith, because we stopped to keep from running into a lapped car. A lapped car that had already been involved in another deal on the first lap,” said team owner Larry Garner. “We as well as the rest of the teams that race this series have a lot of time effort and money involved in our programs. To bring a fast race car to the track and  have it go down the drain because of a flawed call by an official is hard to take. However, with the track record of this official over the years we shouldn’t really be surprised.”

The next event for Tommy and the Blount Motorsport Team will be the Thunder event at Volunteer Speedway on Saturday May 3.

Blount Motorsports enjoys sponsorship from Blount Excavating, Stowers Machinery Corp., Kelso, Turner Industrial Supply, GEOServices, Cast Stone, Wine and Spirits Cellar, Insurance Partners, Explosive Specialists and Murphy’s Bobcat.

Tommy races a GW Performance Rocket and or a Rayburn race car, power from Custom Race Engines, Öhlins Shocks from SHY Suspension, chassis and suspension components from TWM and seats from Butlerbilt.

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