MARYVILLE, Tenn. (Feb. 10) From past experience Blount Motorsports knew how tough racing in the Georgia/Florida Speedweeks could be. Making only one of four features they entered was a disappointment, but not a surprise.

With over 60 of some of the best Dirt Late Model drivers and teams vying for half as many starting spots in each night’s feature you have everything just right to make the feature.

“The first night was the only feature we made in four tries and that was just luck,” said David Bryant. “You want to come down here before our season starts and see what is happening with the car, the driver and the team. We found that we were out of our element and never really got everything where it needed to be on any given night. We found out how far behind we are as a team.”

At every level of every sport technology has exploded and Dirt Late Model racing is no exception. Who would have thought five years ago that Dirt Late Model teams would have engineers? And the list goes on.

“No matter how you look at it we are way behind in the technology race,” said Donald McIntosh. “It isn’t like I had a bad night or Dave had a bad night or if we had done this or that things would have been better. We were slow and that is all there was too it. We were slow and the others were fast.”

The next race BMS is on the WoO Tipoff Classic at Smoky Mountain in a month and that time will be spent trying to figure out how to close the gap.

Blount Motorsports enjoys sponsorship from Stowers (CAT) Machinery Corp., Blount Excavating, Massey Electric, Turner Hydraulics, Ole Ben Franklin Motors, Walker’s Truck Contractors, and The Wine and Spirits Cellar.

BMS races Rocket XR1 Chassis. Power is provided by Vic Hill Racing Engines with Dyer’s Top Rods, Driven Racing Oil, Waterman Fuel Pumps, VP Race Fuels and starting power from Go Lithium batteries. Gauges and wiring harnesses from QuickCar. Carbon Fiber drive shafts from Fastshafts. The shocks are Penske Racing Shocks with chassis and suspension components from TWM, Brakes from Wilwood and springs from Hyperco. Tires are Hoosier Performance Tires from Hoosier Tires South.