MARYVILLE Tenn. (Jun 20) It is a busy time at Blount Motorsports with a new car being built and new engines for both cars as the team gets ready for the meat of the season.

The car that Billy Ogle Jr. drives a full schedule with has accumulated a lot more races than the car the Tommy Kerr runs on a limited basis. With at least 100 more races on it Billy’s car is not reacting like it should when it comes time to make adjustments

“You make some small changes to Billy’s car and nothing happens. So you make another small change and nothing happens. Then you make another small change and it goes nuts,” said Larry Garner. “With the fewer races on Tommy’s car it does what you want it to do when you want it to do it. So we are building a new Rocket for Billy.”

With the switch to Vic Hill power plants the first engine coming out of Vic’s shop went into Billy’s car while they waited for the second engine. This meant that Tommy’s car, the one that handles and can handle the power, doesn’t have the power. While Billy’s car, the one that isn’t handling all the well, has lots of power.

“We are going to drop the Vic Hill 434 cu in engine into Tommy’s car and Billy will drive it at Wythe in the Lucas Oil race on Saturday night,” said David Bryant. “When we get the new 460 cu in from Vic we will drop it in the new car which Billy will drive and Tommy gets his car back with a new power plant in it.”

When the dust settles Billy will have a brand new Rocket with a brand new Vic Hill 460 cu in power plant in it. Tommy will have his car back with the slightly used Vic Hill 434 in it. Just in time for when the season to really starts heating up.

If things go well when they debut the new car at Smoky Mountain there is a good chance they will make the trip to Portsmouth Raceway Park in Portsmouth, Ohio for the Lucas Oil event on July 4. Keep in mind that BMS went to Portsmouth last year for the Dirt Track World Championship and it will be held there again this year.

By the time Ray Cook’s Schaeffer’s Oil Southern Nationals rolls around during the last two weeks of July, featuring 10 races in 13 days, the equipment should be fine tuned and ready for the 10 race grind.